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This flora and fauna botanical paradise covers an area of 754 square kilometers. The biggest attraction in Kinabalu Park would be the Mount Kinabalu Botanical Garden and one of the world’s most prominent mountains, Mount Kinabalu, which peaks at 12, 455 feet above sea level. Kinabalu Park is open daily from 7am to 5pm.**


A must-visit in Kundasang is the Kundasang War Memorial. Established in 1962, this was one of the first memorials to commemorate the brave Australian and British Prisoners of War who died in Sandakan and during the infamous death marches to Ranau during World War II. The memorial also remembers the people of North Borneo who risked their lives to help the POWs.

The Memorial is made up of four beautiful gardens - the Australian Garden, the English Garden, the Borneo Garden and the Contemplation Garden and Pool - to represent the different nationalities. With its towering pine trees and blooming roses, a walk in the gardens is reminiscent to that of a stroll in a quaint English garden. The scent of roses lingers in the air and the serene atmosphere makes the Kundasang War Memorial an ideal place to contemplate and remember the heroes of the war. Visitors can also opt to view a brief video on the history of the Sandakan Death March.


Mesilau derived its moniker from the small stream of yellow waterfall which the locals there claimed to have been originally yellow in colour (silou is Dusun for yellow). Located 2, 000 meters east of Kinabalu Park; it is home to amazing nature growing pitcher plants such as Nephenthes rajah. Mesilau Nature Park is situated just further up from Kundasang Dairy Farm and Kinabalu Golf Resort. Mesilau is practically the highest point accessible to automobiles; it is surrounded by hills and is very close to the foot of Mount Kinabalu. The chilly climate engulfing Mesilau results in sparse population of trees, verdant ferns, as well as other medium-height vegetations. The Mesilau Nature Park also serves as the entry point to the Mesilau Trail—an alternative to the Summit Trail (which starts from the Kinabalu Park headquarter) to conquer Mount Kinabalu—caution: only the fit and sturdy need to apply. Take a refreshing stroll along the misty routes of Mesilau Nature Park, and later warm yourself up with a nice hot cup of freshly brewed Sabah tea. A truly Sabahan vacation at its best!

The Mesilau Nature Resort is a fabulous place for a guided nature walks. To enjoy your visit here to the fullest, visitors are strongly recommended to bring along comfortable walking/tracking shoes, sun lotion and raincoats just in case it rains. Nature will have its share of creepy crawlies; therefore, insect repellent is

Fish Massage at Kampung Luanti, Ranau

Fancy something more unique than your average spa? Then head on to Kampung Luanti, Ranau for a fish massaging session!

Located in Kampung Luanti, Ranau, 131 kilometers from Kota Kinabalu (2 hours and 40 minutes drive away); this fish massage ‘spa’ is managed by the Kampung Luanti JKK and lead by Mr. Jeffrin Majangki.

In the Local Kadazandusun dialect, ‘tagal’ means ‘no fishing’, and the main purpose of the ‘tagal’ is to preserve the environment as well as the ecosystem to benefit the future generation. ‘Ikan Pelian’ or Malaysian Mahseer comes from the family of /Cyprinidae/. These fishes are specifically trained by the villagers to perform the healing massage activities.

The fish massage is deemed to have a curative effect on those who suffers from psoriasis. Come to Kampung Luanti for regular fish massages and you will enjoy smoother and suppler skin - just like a baby’s bottom.

If the idea of fishes nibbling off your dead skin doesn’t thrill you, try other activities such as jungle trekking and camping. Should you intend to stay longer, Kampung Luanti is also equipped with a homestay programme to make visitors feel at home every time.


A visit to Kinabalu Park will never be perfect without swinging by Poring Hot Springs . Situated 40 kilometers (25 miles) slightly northeast from the Parks HQ, Poring is located in the lowlands—a contrast to the Parks HQ. De-stress and soak away the sores and aches of your muscles in the spring’s hot sulphuric minerals, deemed to have healing properties and very popular among the locals. Other than the natural hot spring main attraction at Poring Hot Springs, there are also other interesting areas in the park to be visited such as the butterfly farm, the Poring Orchid Conservation Centre, the tropical garden, the Poring canopy walkway, and the Rafflesia flower site.

Butterfly Farm

Poring Hot Spring’s butterfly farm is in fact the first butterfly farm in Borneo. It features a garden, nursery and hatchery for education, research and preservation purposes.

Poring Orchid Conservation Centre

This centre houses the largest collection of Sabah orchids as well as rare endemic orchids. Some 1, 200 species of orchids are available at this centre.

Tropical gardens

Get a glimpse of mousedeers and deers frolicking in the garden with the company of vividly coloured birds in the aviary.

Poring canopy walkway

This canopy walkway is a must visit for anyone who ever sets foot in Poring Hot Springs. Take a stroll amidst the lush canopy of the Menggaris tree—king of the forest—the walkway is 157.8 meters long and 41 meters high.

The Rafflesia flower

The world’s largest flower, the Rafflesia, doesn’t come around very often. Luckily, in Sabah, we have the largest concentration of Rafflesia population. This rare and exotic flower takes up to 15 months to bud, yet only lasts 7 days in bloom. The park will post a notice to announce a blooming or budding Rafflesia flower.


With its sprawling tea plantation surrounded by pristine rainforests in the cool mountain air, the Sabah Tea Garden beckons you to indulge in its beautiful surroundings, away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. A mere 2-hour drive from the city of Kota Kinabalu, the Sabah Tea Garden boasts a beautiful backdrop, Mount Kinabalu. Sabah Tea is the only organic tea farm in Borneo and one of the few in the world. A trip to the tea garden is both educational and fun, one where visitors can enjoy a variety of recreational activities such as obstacle-crossing in the Sapaon Recreational Area, trekking along the trails to the peak of Kamunsu Hill or embarking on a night walk to check out the unique insect life. A new attraction is the Quailey’s Hill where a plaque is erected in memory of an Australian soldier who died on site during one of the Sandakan - Ranau Death Marches, 1942-45. Freshly-made tea pancakes and Sabah Tea Pandan teh tarik are popular menu items available only at the Tea House. Ask the friendly staff for directions and they will be more than glad to help you out. Be it for business or pleasure, the Sabah Tea Garden awaits you with unforgettable experiences and adventures. A friendly reminder: No trip to the Sabah Tea Garden would be complete without a taste of Sabah's finest tea!

All information obtained from Sabah Tourism board website at

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